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A Literary Tour

A Guided Literary Tour while exploring Nature

Walk In The Footsteps Of Ireland’s Literary Giants

‘As the big soft buffetings… catch the heart off guard & blow it open’ – A quote from a famous Poem entitled ‘Postscript’ by Irish Poet Seamus Heaney.

Coole Park, Gort, in Co. Galway was once home to Lady Gregory, a dramatist, folklorist and co-founder of the Abbey Theatre. As it was the centre of the ‘Irish literary Revival’, writers like Yeats, G B Shaw, Synge and Seán O’Casey came to experience it’s magic.

As Coole House is long since gone, we will explore the grounds & walk in the footsteps of these literary giants.

Later, after a short drive back to Co. Clare, our next stop is the ‘Flaggy Shore’ in  New Quay. It is one of the nine sites that form the basis of the Burren National Geo Park. Famous for it’s limestone pavements, embedded with fossils so often referred to as ‘bio karst’ landscape.

We will enjoy a flat surfaced looped walk with great views of Galway Bay, see a monument dedicated to the O’Dalaigh bardic school, and an impressive Mortello tower at ‘Finavarra’.

Literary Tour
We will place special emphasis on ‘Mount Vernon’ the Summer home of Lady Gregory. In more modern times the area has gained notoriety because of the above mentioned Poet Laureate & Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney. He immortalised this area in his poem mentioned above called ‘The Flaggy Shore’. Where he suggests that draws the light, sounds and colour of the place and suggests that is so powerful it is capable of blowing your heart right open!

All Day Tour

  • Lunch at ‘Linnane’s Oyster Bar’ Quay
  • Visit New Quay Art Gallery
  • Travel: we will collect & return you to your accommodation

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Literary Tour Coole Park
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Literary Tour

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